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About company

VITA-SMAK is a company operating in Podlaskie, Poland, in the municipality of Choroszcz. Engaged in the production and processing of vegetables, especially cabbage and cucumbers, coming from our own farm. Our products are marketed under the trade name sauerkraut and pickled cucumbers NARWIANSKIE.

Souring cabbage and cucumbers are multigenerational tradition passed down from father to son .. Thanks traditional technologies, our products are of high quality and unique taste qualities. Of great importance in obtaining cabbage and cucumbers with high quality and raw material.

We use raw materials resulting from our own crops, which are located in an ecologically clean region, which is lagging Narew National Park. With careful selection of varieties that are ideal for fermentation obtain products that for many years are appreciated customers both at home and abroad.

Pickled cucumbers NARWIANSKIE, 7th September 2005, have been inscribed on the List of Traditional Products kept by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development.

beczka kapusty i ogórków